Before the war, the German conglomerate, Rift Tech, developed portals capable of accessing other universes.

However, testing them unleashed an influx of monsters and biomes from other universes all over the world.

This is known as the Great Rift.

Day by day, new corrupted patches of land sprout up, so the nations of the world must work quickly to contain them.

Dragon Nest

The Dragon Nest is a fiery biome composed largely of obsidian, magma, and a strange red grass known as Blutkraut in the Bishnell Empire.

Dragons live there and make their nests in the crimson red forests and towering spires of the biome.

Some of them are large and aggressive such as the Dracolus Giganticus.

Others, like the Draconis Minimus, are small and timid.

Another oddity indigenous to the biome is the sluggoth.

It is a massive slug the size of a bus.

Sluggoths are known to prey on the eggs of dragons.


The Daurfrost is the frozen remains of an ancient Empire known as Galeya.

The Daurfrost is composed of the former territory of the Eastern Galeyan Empire in Siberia.

Not much is known anymore about Galeya, as records of their history and customs have all been destroyed.

However expeditions into the Daurfrost have revealed the presence of self-replicating robots and advanced chips buried in the ice.

This indicates Galeya was very advanced technologically, especially for its time, as it existed thousands of years ago.


Nachtnebel, also known as the Kingdom of Eternal Night was the former domain of the Nachtnebel royal family.

However, the kingdom was mysteriously plunged into an endless darkness after Queen Adelheidis’ (regent of Nachtnebel), son dissapeared.

Much of the population of Nachtnebel was turned into monsters.

Researchers suspect it is an effect of the Great Rift.

However there are rumors circulating that it is the doing of the regent Queen.

Toxic Biome

The toxic biome is a heavily polluted biome covered by a forest of mutated trees.

Expedition teams and researchers have concluded that the mutated wildlife in the biome is due to the use of biological weapons years ago in the biomes’ universe of origin.

Explorers have located the presence of urban areas in the biome.

However, the people there have mutated beyond recognition.

Locals call these mutated people idioclasts, a name derived from the sounds they make.

They seem to communicate in a primitive language, with the only words they speak being “Idio” and “Clast”.

The Idioclasts are extremely hostile to trespassers, and the government of the neighboring Great Zhangzheng Dynasty is considering banning expeditions into the biome.

However, the discovery of Tungsten deposits in the biome has stalled these plans.

Crystal Biome

The Crystal Biome is a massive crystal covered biome.

Extremely mountainous, and full of dangerous monsters, researchers and adventurers hardly come back alive from its peaks.

However, expedition teams to the biome have made many interesting discoveries.

Water in the Crystal Biome is full of dissolved minerals, giving it a dark purple hue.

The air of the biome is heavy with debris as well.

Inhaling unfiltered air from the Crystal Biome for long periods can have devastating effects on health, sometimes leading to poisoning or even death.

But most incredible of all, researchers have discovered a creature in the Crystal Biome that harnesses the energy of the sun.

They have simply named it the ‘Prism’.

Scientists are looking into how the powers of this incredible creature can be applied in various technologies.

Western Galeya

Western Galeya, located within the territories of Finland and Northern Russia, is the last remaining intact vestige of Galeyan civilization.

Thousands of years ago, Galeyans mysteriously dissapeared from this area.

However, they left behind a massive self-replicating robot city.

Expeditions to the fringes of Western Galeya have found robots leaving the city to gather resources.

These hive-mind AI automatons, regularly build up and expand the city.

Seeing the dangers of this, the Imperiales Eurostaat engages in “Grass Cutting” operations, where they bombard the city in an attempt to contain it and prevent further expansion.

However, European Officials have ruled out destroying it completely, as research conducted in the area has revealed the presence of advanced nanotechnology in the city.

The High Command of the Bishnell military is currently studying Galeyan technology in an attempt to replicate it.