Starting Out

When you first spawn in in BFTR the most important thing is to find shelter.

You can either build your own, or stay in the city of a friendly nation.

Hostile mobs in BFTR are extremely dangerous and it is safer to be under the protection of a nation’s military while you are still starting out.

Talk to NPCs and open chests in the cities, and you will find plenty of basic items to help you in the beginning.

Finding Food

Food is very easy to obtain in BFTR.

Most cities have plenty of local cuisine stocked up in chests, while some NPCs sell food or even give food for free.

If all else fails you can forage in the wilds for edibles like tomatoes, rice, spices, and other plants.

The most important food items in BFTR are those that give buffs.

Especially regeneration, as many BFTR mobs deal massive amounts of damage.

You can craft Dirt Pie using dirt, dead beetles, and other ingredients you find lying around.

It gives plenty of health and resistance buffs.

However, if you are more in the mood for Golden Apples, you can search for a mob known as an Appling. They give golden apples for free if you interact with them.



Steel is a very important item in BFTR.

Recipes for almost all important items involve steel one way or another, so you need plenty of it.

To produce steel you need coal coke and iron.

You get coal coke from smelting coal in a blast furnace.

Craft this with iron nuggets to get steel.

When you have a lot of steel, later on, you can make a steel converter that turns ruby shards into steel instantly.


There are 4 types of ore in BFTR.

Ruby, Ametrine, Chrysocolla, and Tungsten.

The first three can be found by mining near bedrock.

Tungsten on the other hand, exclusively spawns in the Toxic Biome.

Ruby is used for technologically advanced weapons like lasers and blasters.

Chrysocolla has a few niche uses, and can be made into a pickaxe.

Ametrine is the strongest ore of the 3, and is used in crafting many high-level items.

Tungsten is also used in many recipes. It’s required as a base for some of the armors and weapons in the game.

Using Ametrine

Ametrine needs to be crafted with an additional item, called Bibulus Saxum, before it can be used.

Bibulus Saxum can only be found in Galeyan Temple dungeons the Daurfrost biome.

Bring plenty of weaponry, as Galeyan Temples are guarded by dangerous ancient automatons.


Hiring Heroes

If you find a hero such as Kyla or Xiuying, they can be recruited by giving them paper.

They will now fight alongside you.

Right click them to make them stay or follow you.

Military Tactics

You can hire a friendly nations soldiers by giving them iron nuggets.

They will follow you and fight alongside you.

There are 2 basic ways of fighting in BFTR, typical combat (using swords), or military-style combat.

Combat with BFTR melee weapons deals plenty of damage.

However it is only effective against monsters.

If you are up against enemy soldiers, you will get shot before you can get close.

When fighting enemy soldiers use guns, blasters, rpgs, grenades, or other ranged weapons.

Unguided Rockets can be crafted as well, or seized from bunkers, to be used against enemy tanks.

Always take cover when up against enemy soldiers.

Sometimes it may even be nesessary to take shelter in a house and mine holes in the wall to shoot out of.

It is important to master both types of combat to survive in BFTR unless you do not intend to explore the world.

It is also important to be able to tell enemy soldiers from friendly soldiers.

Almost all soldiers with dark gray or black uniforms are enemies. Although other enemy soldiers such as Malayan Communists (have green uniforms).