Nations (Asia)

Montepoli (Philippines)

Montepoli is an island nation in Southeast Asia, and one of the members of the Kings of the East.

300 years of rule by the Spanish has caused Montepoli to become heavily influenced by European culture.

The nation was nearly brought under the rule of the Imperiales Eurostaat by traitors in the military, but it was saved by the former Captain, but now, General Kyla Estefana Dulce.

Great Zhangzheng (China) 

The Zhangzheng Dynasty is a massive kingdom in East Asia.

As the most economically powerful nation in the world, the Zhangzheng Dynasty has a massive industry.

In support of the war against the Imperiales Eurostaat, they churn out ships, tanks, and planes in the hundreds of thousands.

The empire has also made inroads all over the world, establishing ports, railroads, bridges, and military bases in far flung regions.

Within the Asian powers, the Zhangzheng Dynasty is the only one with a truly global reach.

Bharat (India) 

Bharat is the second superpower of Asia, and a member of the Kings of the East. 

With the fiercest and most experienced fighters in Asia, massive industrial and material resources, and the largest population in the world, Bharat is a force to be reckoned with. 

Bharat faces off against the forces of the Imperiales Eurostaat and their middle eastern allies, invading through Persia. 

With the help of their Asian allies they look to counterattack, and conquer the Middle East. 


The Russian Federation is a member of the Asian alliance.

With Europe cutting off the Middle Eastern oil supplies, only Russia has the resources to keep the big powers of Asia running. 

With the Imperial Eurostate pushing deep into Russian territory and occupying Moscow, the Russian government is pushed to the East. 

As they wait for their Asian allies, they one day seek to strike back against the Fascist European occupation. 

Malaya– Upcoming

Malaya is a nation in Southeast Asia. 

Racked by a communist revolution, a brutal war rages in the jungles of East and West Malaya.

The Neo-Majapahit Empire has intervened, sending forces into the country.

But there are rumors they are there for more than the ‘defense of Malaya’.

Malaya is home to the UEC, a research, development, and monster containment company.

As the battle rages on, the UEC must support the government of Malaya to protect the integrity of their country. 

Empire of Yamato– Upcoming

Yamato joined the Asian Alliance, however pro-European forces in their government took charge over the country after a coup d’etat. 

Following the toppling of the Emperor, the military has taken hold over the nation and now supports the Imperiales Eurostaat in the war. 

They have launched invasions into Korea, Sri Lanka, as well as attacks on Chinese and Indian bases in the pacific. 

The Dynasty of Great Zhangzheng has launched an expedition against the Yamato Empire, to restore peace to East Asia.

Alongside them, governors scattered throughout Japan have launched a counter-Revolution against the military. 

They call themselves the Kyuseiren Revolutionaries. 

Accompanying them are American forces, left after the fall of the US, as well as soldiers of the Kyuseiren Revolt. 

Achimgoyo (Korea)- Upcoming

Achimgoyo is a member of the Kings of the East, and an East Asian nation.

The nation of Achimgoyo, with it’s global music and television industry, and world-famous Kpop idols has suddenly found itself in the chaos of war.

With Japanese pouring into the border, and the intervention of the Great Zhangzheng, Achimgoyo’s independence is at stake.

Behind the scenes, intrigue at the Imperial court and plots in the government, destroy what little certainty the people of the nation have.

However there are those rising to who seek to save Achimgoyo from the domination of foreign powers, and they will fight against all odds to save their country.

Coming Soon:

Neo-Majapahit Empire (Indonesia)

Great Taungoo (Siam and Myanmar)

Khmer (Cambodia)

Sikh Rajah (India)

People’s Republic of Mekong (Vietnam)