Death’s Right Hand PMC

After the fall of the United States due to the Imperial Eurostate invasion, submarine crews serving on American Basilisk and Colorado class submarines defected, joining up and creating a paramilitary organization under the leadership of the now highest ranking member among them, Brigadier General Lennox Alistair, callsign “Kalaraja”.

This new organization, the Private Military Company known as the “Death’s Right Hand” (DRH) now make a living off of security, assassination, training, mercenary and intelligence contracts, working for the highest bidder.

The DRH at its core was founded on the training regiments of the US’s special forces, it’s Rangers, Seals, and Marine Raiders, and thus are some of the most experienced and best trained military units in the world.

They have had contracts spanning across the globe, from the Americas to Asia however are currently under a contract with Montepoli and the greater Asian alliance as both mercenaries and instructors.

The DRH has proven to be a true force to be reckoned with, both a powerful enemy, or ally…if you have the money of course.


UEC (The Universe Exploration Commission) is a multinational company based in Malaya.

UEC is a government funded organization that specializes in research and development, construction of infrastructure in the Great Rift, as well as the containment and research of monsters.

UEC was founded by an ex-Bishnell scientist, Paulus Von Förde. After being rescued from a concentration camp, he fled by boat to Malaya.

Seeing the oppression of the Imperiales Eurostaat, he decided to start a high tech weapons company to help the Malayan government fight off the Rift.

The UEC is known far and wide for high tech gear perfect for the harsh environment of the Great Rift.

However, they are also infamous for financial mismanagement.

Vat-69 Komando

Vat-69 Commando is a multirole special force unit of Royal Malayan army.

Formed by the Malayan government, Vat 69 wages campaigns to eradicate terrorists and counter the communist MLC.

Vat-69`s arsenal has also been upgraded by UEC, making them into some of the deadliest soldiers in Malaya.


GRORD is a paramilitary organization of the Bharat Government. GRORD tests and produces the latest innovations in AI and robotics for use in warfare.

As a large international organization, GRORD fields powerful drone swarm and mech battlegroups.

GRORD also conducts research into biotechnology and robotic enhancements for soldiers. There are rumors that the GRORD has formed a mercenary group composed of super-powered soldiers.

Although they have many advancements, the GRORD is under investigation by the Bharat federal government for corruption.

On top of public scandals, allegations of money laundering, smuggling, funding separatists, kidnapping, assasinations, among other crimes have been brought against the GRORD.

Revolt of the 9 Principles (Kyuseiren)

The Kyuseiren Revolt is a counter-revolutionary movement in the Yamato Empire.

They seek to restore the constitutional rule of the Yamato Emperor and topple the military junta that exercises de-facto rule over the country.

Inspired by the success of Kyla Estefana Dulce against Ponce Fabian in the 2nd Montepolian revolution, Governor Taniguchi Kiyoshi of Kanagawa leads the Kyuseiren revolt.

Kiyoshi has successfully gotten the support of the Great Zhangzheng.

A great friend of Kyla Estefana Dulce, Kiyoshi has secured a steady supply of weapons and ammunition from Montepoli. It looks as if it is only a matter of time, before Kiyoshi will become the “Hero of Yamato.”

MLC (Malaya Liberation Comrades)

The Malayan Liberation Comrades (MLC) are the armed wing of the Communist Party of Malaya.

After the Government of Malaya banned the Communist Party from running in elections, the MLC launched an all-out revolution.

With the support of the People`s Republic of Mekong, the MLC has occupied vast swathes of Sarawak, and is threatening the capital city of Kinagon in Western Malaya.

The situation is so dire in Malaya, that the government in Kinagon has asked for the aid and intervention of Neo-Majapahit Empire.

The MLC is led by Ivan Suryono.

Ural Striker PMC

Ural Striker is a Russian private military company. Largely employed by the Russian Government, Ural Stryker does mercenary business all around the world, from Africa, to Russia, to Europe.

Evidence suggests that the Ural Striker PMC is used as a proxy by Russia. The PMC is currently on the front lines against the Imperiales Eurostaat.

US Government in Exile (Great Zhangzheng)

The US government in exile is based in Great Zhangzheng. After the Imperiales Eurostaat conquered the USA, which was racked by civil war, surviving US bases in Asia were forced to integrate with the militaries of their host nations.

Montepoli, the Neo-Majapahit Empire, and Great Zhangzheng all absorbed entire US carrier groups.

However with the backing of the Zhangzheng Emperor, the Asian alliance recognizes admiral Jaxon Humphrey as the US leader in exile.

The remnant forces of America fight alongside the Asian Alliance with the promise of one day restoring their homeland.

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